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Tema: Where's all the snow going???

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    Podrazumevano Where's all the snow going???

    Help the snow seems to be dissapearing - I hope there's some left by the time we go!
    Anyone know if there is more forecast??

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    Hi Anacabana - it's all relative! We were there last week and on the Friday when we left there was 61cm which was fine, it snowed massively over the next 2 days and on Sunday night when we got home I took a look and it was up to 104cm! Snow is dwindling because the temperatures have risen & it's sunny by the looks of it.

    If you take a look on the left hand menu bar at 'ski area', and then 'ski info', you can access the historical snow levels going back a couple of years - this day last year there was 67cm.

    Also on the same tab is 'ski forecast', which should give you the forecasts for the next 10 days or so on likely snow and temperatures etc. (not sure how accurate this is though as when we were going I kept looking at it and it changed day by day!)

    If you've got any other questions about the resort or anything, don't hesitate to ask. Hopefully you'll love it - we went last year & this year and had a great time, and are seriously considering going back there next year.

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    Where did you stay?
    We're booked in at the grand. We were planning to just use the cash machine's there to sort money out - it this the best thing?

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    We stayed at the Grand this year, Konaci apartments the year before.
    Cash; we changed £ into Dinars at the currency exchange office at the airport once we arrived, and then used the cash machine in the Grand once whilst we were there (there are also 2 ATM's in the Konaci complex). We also took Euros as the Thomson/Crystal trips are quoted in Euros (although I believe that you can pay in Dinars, possibly even £ and credit card I think) - can thoroughly recommend the Quiz night as being great fun, and also the Ski-dooing which is excellent.
    You could draw money out of the ATM as you suggest (does your bank charge for this? Just checked my bank statement and it cost me £2.50 to withdraw £20 last week!), but if that's your only source of cash and there's an ATM problem and they don't work for a day or two (don't know how common this is), you may have a problem...!!
    There is also a currency exchange desk in the Grand and the Konaci. I've read comments on last years' forum that Travellers cheques can't be changed, it's cash only.

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    Where all the snow gone???? Its at the highest its been in ages.....

    Do they use the normal euro 2 pin plugs out there? thanks

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    Yes they do use normal euro 2 pin plugs. Depending upon where you're staying, the electrics can look a bit old and dodgy looking though!!

    In the Grand Hotel there's a hairdryer in the bathroom, which is a vacuum cleaner tube-like thing which was reasonable - although it came off in my hand a couple of times and I had to get my husband to repair it!!

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    Dont worry about snow levels - was there in first week of Feb - snow was down to 25cms when we arrived, but EVERY slope was ski-able!

    The Grand is a great place to stay - the pool and jacuzzi most welcome after a day on the slopes!

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    Looks like more snow is predicted next week! just in time for me going out there on the 8th

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    This site is great for snowforcasts:

    Tuesday is looking excellent for whoever will be there!!

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