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    Hi guys

    Just wondered who would be out in Kopaonik 01 - 08 March 08? If anyone will be there then get in touch especially if you have been there before. It would be good to chat to someone who knows where the best Club/Bars and Resturants are.


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    Same here Im out there 8-15th of March, staying at the Grand! were be the group of 16 nutters!!

    Anyone else going out then? since I booked the hotel only 3 other twin rooms have been booked!!

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    I'm going along with my boyfriend, also staying at the grand

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    When are you going?

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    Not sure about bars and clubs as I've got kids and didn't bother with that side of it but the pizzeria in the Konaci complex is good and the staff friendly. Its also really good value. There is a club close to it but my impression was that it could get a bit lary as the window was smashed and broken bottles were all around, so it'll be like any weekend in any British city. The restaurant at the bottom of 22 serves a really good steak and was good value too. LAst year I went to get my board waxed in the Skiservis and left 5 hours later a wee bit worse for wear. Thats the night I discovered I really liked Serbians

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    We're going on the 1st march. I think everyone is flying from gatwick only we've got to drive down from Leeds that morning so not looking forward to that!!!

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    We're from Leeds too! We travelled down on the Friday and visited the Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2 Arena which was excellent, and then stayed at a hotel near Gatwick which has parking included. With the return flight getting in at 11.30pm (was actually just after midnight in the end), we stayed at the hotel again, got to bed around 2am, and then drove back up to Leeds on the Sunday. That's the downside of living 'up North' when going to unusual destinations like Serbia!

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    How strange is that we live in Morley. Thought about going down on the friday and staying over or staying over on the way back but decided that as there's 2 of us we'd share the driving! What was the exhibition like? We've been to the valley of the kings and seen some of the stuff there but I bet it was amazing - sorry for verying from the skiing point!!!!

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    The exhibition was well worth visiting, it was perfect to combine it with our trip to London. (we too have been to the Valley of the Kings & to the museum in Cairo - the treasures on display in London are the smaller ones on the whole, but are still very impressive).

    We live in Bramhope, North Leeds by the way!

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    I used to live in Adel so I know exactly where that is!!!

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