What a great fecking week!

Got to Kop late on Saturday night, but Ivan (Thomson rep) had made sure we all knew the plan for Sunday - ie: Meet at 9am to go to Konaci Apts to collect lift pass (400 dinars refundable deposit reqd). From there a quick couple mins to collect ski equipment from "Elite". Make sure you tell them your weight in kilos - otherwise the din settings on skis could be wrong!

Lessons start at 11am first day, until 3pm so you still get your 4 hours... From then on its a 9 or 9.15 start.
Conditions were 'ok' first few days, the odd icy and bare patch starting to show through, but good work but the piste groomers kept the slopes in a very ski-able condition. Snow fell all day Thurs until Friday so plenty of fresh powder to carve new lines into!
Started to get cold on Friday, and when we left Saturday was FECKING freezing - low cold and winds had closed about half of lifts, so we didnt mind going home!

All in all, a great time had, the Grand is so close to slopes... pool and jacuzzi most welcome after a hard day on skis... Food is plentiful, with a huge variety - but cheap enough to eat out if you want a change!

Try the Hot Chocolate at "Dolly Bell", its the thickest EVER - impossible to suck thru a straw (unless you add a wee dram!) The Grand was good for lunch - about £4 for a pizza - but all the cafés on the piste that we tried were good, none ever ripped us off.

Am jealous of all of ye still to go, wondering of I can get a last minute deal??