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Tema: Current conditions

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    See ya on the slopes, Munchio!

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    I think you are going a week after me PatMan!

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    I think you are right, Munchio - just getting a bit too excited here!!

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    I think that we're going a week after you, PatMan - Saturday 9th. Tickets came in the post today! Anyone else browsing this forum going on 9th Feb?

    Glad to see that there's been a snowfall yesterday, back up to a more respectable 45cm, and temperatures pleasingly colder, hopefully that will halt the thaw that I would imagine that there's been recently.
    Not long to go now!!

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    Helen - thinks its just yaself, Munchio and me this year!
    And we are all going in consecutive weeks... Don't worry, we will leave some snow for ya!!

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    I'm thinking about going out the first week in March with family, so hope there's a dump before then, still can't be as bad as last year They had a huge dump near the end of march last year after all the tour ops had stopped selling

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    Woohoo - snow, drop in temp - excellent stuff...
    Shame about the fog and gales closing all but four runs today tho...

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    More snow predicted tomorrow!
    Looks like its gonna be good for the later skiers - but still great for w/c Sat 2nd!

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