Well just over 2 weeks until my GF and I hit the slopes (hopefully not too hard!)

Just had a couple of questions about Serbian cuisine

First off my GF is not only a Veggie, but also wheat intolerant! Does anyone here know any Serbian dishes that don’t include meat, pasta, or flour (in any form, and trust me, its harder than it seems EVERYTHING seems to have wheat in it!) and what are they called?

We are going to bring some wheat free pasta and bread with us, hopefully the restaurants wont mind cooking the wheat free pasta!

Failing that, does anyone know which restaurants have staff that can speak the best English? As (and I’m really not trying to sound patronising here) its hard enough to explain in England that yes the veggie pasta dish or the veggie flan or veggie pizza look very tasty, but my GF cant eat any of them!!

I’m thinking if push comes to shove, find a decent restaurant where they speak good English (all suggestions welcome!) talk to the manager of the restaurant, bung him a nice tip and ask him nicely if the chef can cook something special for my GF

Me I’m easy to feed and I’m really looking forward to tucking into some Serbian food!!

So suggestions on Serbian foods that don’t contain wheat or meat! And decent restaurants in the Kop!