1, Which tour op?
2. Accommodation?
3. Where did the transfer bus drop you/pick you up?
4. How did you & your luggage get between the bus & your accommodation?
5. Where was your ski hire from?
6. Did you get a map of the resort? Opinion of it?
7. What did you think of Piste Maps/signposting/run labelling

My answers:
1. Thomson.
2. Grand.
3. Down on the road visible in the webcam
4. On arrival we had to find our own way up the road which was treacherous solid ice that day, taking all our luggage ourselves, NOT what I expect when I've paid for 4* hotel. We complained and said we needed assistance on the homeward leg. On leaving, Bus 1 came right to the Grand entrance, but we were on bus 3 which didn't (Don't know about bus 2). They did take our luggage down in a truck, but we had to make our own way.
5, Konachi Appts. Despite asking her to go steady as I was scared of slipping over, the tour rep set off like a longdog and we got left to find the ski hire place ourselves, which we eventually did after asking around. In 2006 the hire was done in the Grand, & this was one of the factors that persuaded us to book into that hotel!
6. Yes - but totally useless - I could do a better sketch in 2 minutes on the back of an envelope!
7. Poor - took all week to make sense of some of it!

Don't get me wrong - I had a fantastic time, but these were issues that spoiled things a bit and though I did put them on the feedback form, I am considering a letter to Thomsons too, so want to know what others' experiences were first. If nobody complains (constructively) they will not realise there is any problem!

The younger, agile folks might think this is all trivial, but I'm not young & suffered a particularly serious ankle break/dislocation a few years ago (not skiing!) and am still not 100% sure on that foot (it's great in ski boots tho as they support it totally ). That's why I was really cautious, being scared of slipping over before even seeing a pair of skis and was totally unimpressed at Thomson's abandoning us on arrival. Another of our party was a senior citizen, and whilst a very accomplished skier, was not at all happy at having to haul suitcase/bootbag/hand luggage up the icy hill. Having coughed up for the 4* hotel, we expected more service!