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Tema: The 21st club!

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    I'll be the one trying to stay upright on skis - a nervous beginner! Mind you boarders give me a wide berth!!!

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    Does anyone know how long the transfer from airport to resort is?

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    2-3 hours depending on road conditions.

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    Citirati Originalno postavljeno od SnowPloughPrincess Pogledati poruku
    Thanks Norry <3
    no worries, i hope some of you 21st ers are going to post some pics etc when you get back

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    Where are my fellow 21st folks staying? We're in the Grand! Realised I have given away very little about myself so far except it's my 1st ever ski trip, my only experience being a few recent 'snowdome' lessons, so here goes!

    If you're curious I am female, forty-something and from North Lincolnshire. Am holidaying with a female friend plus another couple. My hubby doesn't do sporty stuff so was not interested in coming!

    See you all bleary-eyed at Gatwick Sunday morning - we are checking in (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon - website says we can do so from 4pm, and are staying in the Travelodge.

    Oh - and yes I will try and take then post some pics!

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    I'm 24 she's 21, I'm snowboarding, she's skiing, we're both traveling down from the north east and staying in the grand.

    I'm an aries that likes long romantic walks and candle lit dinners, I'm financially secure with a GSOH and I shall be carrying a newspaper under my left arm at gatwick

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    I am 21 and my bf is 22. I will be skiing in full snow plough where ever I go. My bf skies much better but has a tendency to cut me up, thus ruining my nice snow plough technique! We are both staying in the Grand. I will most likely look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards Sunday morning

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    We are in the Grand too. We must have filled the place between us!
    The site seems to be showing only 6 runs open today, any ideas why? I'm hoping its fog or wind, not that all the snows gone!

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    Im 32, Mrs is 39 and my 13 year old is here for his 1st trip.

    Both bladers.

    We're in Club A.

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