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Tema: Kopaonik snow cover

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    Alrite JC hope you had a good Xmas, pitty Santa didn't bring us 6 weeks positive snow forecast.

    We are booked with Thomsons and last week we asked if we could put the dates back to Feb and were told we would lose 70% as we are within 8 weeks of departure, I though that was a bit steep myself??

    Not sure what to do now, this morning we've been discussing the option of trying to transfer to Andorra or somewhere like that, they have the snow but the down side is it's characterless, whereas Kop looks full of tradition and charm.

    I expect that admin fees will be extortionate if we did decide to change. The missus suggested binning the snow and transfering to Tenerife/Gran Canaria but I need to ski I desperately need my fix of adrenaline!!!

    The long range forecasts look crap, it's the same all over Eastern Europe, the runs aren't open in Bulgaria yet either.

    Who knows.................I can't bl**dy decide.............s*d it I'm off down the pub

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    3000m below where I would like to be


    Cafu IMHO I think what JC is saying would be the best thing to do. Conditions can change dramatically, even over night. Weather forcasting is not an exact science, even with todays technology! Wait till the week before and make decisions then.

    Here's the small print from Thompson if you are travelling with them (or Crystal) which gives details of cancellation refunds etc. - Basically not much I'm afaraid.

    Personally I would go for it anyway, (as I am anyway- like you guys on 14th). I have skied for over 35 years (more than 70 weeks) and have not had some snow to play on. Even if just a couple of runs are open there is still lots of fun to be had, games to play and technique to work on. I know that sounds far from ideal but you guys have worked hard to pay for your holiday and will have some very dissappointed nippers to deal with if you cancel. Believe you me, I will be extreemly dissapointed if there is absolutly no snow.

    I hope you do decide to go, even more that we get a dump the week we go or better still when we are there, and we meet up in Kop for a bevvie or some!

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    Scootsman, not sure what line of work you're in but I would guess in it being a diplomat of some sort LOL, that sounds like the voice of reason to me and having put it like that I suppose my glass could be half full and not half empty.

    I would guess that we will still be going so a pre flight bevvie at Gatwick could be on the cards .

    I will just have to keep praying for snow in the meantime.

    Take it easy

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    Morning, a friend of mine's son has just come back from Chamonix - one broken arm and concussion! The snow ran out but he kept going... Dad was supposed to be flying out today with his lad to Chamonix but has had to cancel... he wants to know about Kop now.

    I said to bring his lad on the 14th because the snow might have run out there as well and he can break his other arm!

    What about if we all go outside and blow as hard as we can in the direction of the anticyclone and see if we can move it, praying doesn't seem to be working. The live webcam at Kop that I've been looking at has changed angle from last night, it's looking towards the bottom of slope 14 I think... it's too far in the distance to see if anyone is skiing but there seems to be a few people around the bottom of the slope!

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    If you choose tenerife over kopaonik you're insane (kids or no kids)

    After reading thomsons T&C it looks like if you cancel between today and the 6th you're going to lose 90% of your money... As weather is unpredictable I'd take my chance with kop... Pretty much every forecaster has predicted snow from mid-January onwards.

    There's a little hope for the second week of January... I wouldn't cancel anything just yet.

    Timbo, there's been people skiing all morning

    Does anyone know how hard it is to get to from kop?

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    Does anyone know how hard it is to get to from kop?
    Around 350 km of very bad road, approximately 5-6 hours in winter conditions. Forget it. Ask your agent about Brezovica (190 km) or even Stara Planina (220 km)..
    There is only one chance to make first impression..

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    Citirati Originalno postavljeno od miles_davis Pogledati poruku
    Around 350 km of very bad road, approximately 5-6 hours in winter conditions. Forget it. Ask your agent about Brezovica (190 km) or even Stara Planina (220 km)..
    cheers miles, if theres no snow at least I can now go hunt my own

    Forecast today is much of the same, however if the temprature stays low enough we could see some snow on the 2nd of January... we deserve it.

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    JC - I've stopped tripping over my bottom lip now so will defo be heading out on 14th. I'm sure all will be well by then , I've put my negativity yesterday down to a hangover (AGAIN), why oh why do we keep doing this to ourselves every Christmas .

    Roll on 14th Jan.............................

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    we hav'nt booked yet cause of the snow thing............i thought it was too good to be true

    we will probably do a last minute thing to somewhere else........but i want to go to kop now!!

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    Hi fellow Kopites!

    Hope everyone had a fantatic Christmas and that Santa brought everything that everyone wanted! Shame he didnt manage to bring snow to Serbia. Never mind. Im sure it'll all be fine in the end.

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