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Tema: Kopaonik snow cover

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    I don't want to worry anybody but this 10 day forecast for Kopaonik doesn't look too promising.

    Unless of course you want to sunbathe

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    It should be more than 100cm's, national holidays end at 15 january or something like that, but they are definately over before you come here Still there will be a lot of people i think.

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    Good stuff, that's what we all want to see plenty of white stuff!!

    My missus was planning for us to spend a week in the bar the way it was looking

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    hy there!

    Could you tell me something about the snowconditions at the beginning of March? Is there still powder or even more spring-like conditions? With spring-like conditions I mean,that firm in the morning, softening to corn snow, then possibly slush, or sg like this
    Or we'll find mid winter with waistdeep freshies, ?

    thank in advance

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    Hi everyone

    Man i hope the snow comes cos im hopefully goin skiing here around christmas time. Neone got any more updates on the snow or how gd the resort is?


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    Hi all,

    I'm still not confident that the snows are going to come in time for my holiday.

    So far this has to be my favourite weather link:

    Some of the other sites show sunny skies for 7-10 days, I hope they are wrong and the above link is right. I'm getting very worried that my skiing holiday will become a hiking holiday.

    Fingers crossed everybody - good luck

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    I also like this link:

    Please be right and stay like that until the end of January!!

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    ^^so the min. temps are quite nice, they're enough low to make some man-made snow if the mother nature doesn't bring some freshies...

    btw, also in the Alps is the snowcover really sh**t, it's a crap seasonstart :/

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