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Tema: Kopaonik snow cover

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    not that i'm obsessed or anything, but the live streaming webcam is suddenly showing snow a falling



  2. #242


    excellent. just has to keep up for a few hours/days....

  3. #243


    weeks!! Weeks would be nice xD

  4. #244


    that looks much deeper than the 4cm snow-forecast predicted... hopefully by tomorrow there'll be a nice 30cm base.
    here's to 100cm of snow for the 21st

  5. #245


    Yeah the change on the static web cam was awesome From a completely clear road to semi buried looking cars and each time the tyre tracks were being filled! Please please let an unforeseen amount fall!!

  6. #246


    Snow ho ho and a bottle of Rakija!

  7. #247



    make sure you leave some snow for those of us going out on 14th, I don't want you 7th Jan'ers scraping all the lovely snow away. Fingers crossed for a continuous fall.

  8. #248


    cafu it looks pretty much continuous for this week then with a couple of light falls next week... so leave some snow for us poor buggers going out on the 21st

    i cant stop looking at the webcam, those trees look like they're drowning in snow

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    What a great sight to come home to!!! Thats made my day!!

    If they have been "saving" the other slopes im sure it'll be for the Serbian holidays that start this week.

    We were talking to the wifes Auntie last week (who used to be married to a Serbian) and apparently the Serbs celebrate Christmas on the 7th and New Year on the 14th!

    So those going out over those dates should have a fun time!

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    awesome! Updated to read an extra 9cm! The same again over night please <3

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