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Tema: Kopaonik snow cover

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    Whether its from too much rakija or snowboarding on snowless, ice infested rocky pistes... One way or another I'm getting carried off mount Kopaonik!

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    You are the man! You know how is here in Serbia!

    And in the morning you feel like not that is the biggest quality of good rakija!

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    12cm's fell and more could come down tonight

  4. #364


    It looks like it is still snowing!!!

  5. #365


    Wow. That was a nice surprise!!

    After a 12 hour shift at work i came home, logged onto to the net, (Stevs site being the first site to visit of course!) expected to see the snow had melted down to 15cm........ 32!!!!!!

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    30cm's of snow forecast for the week beginning the 21st!!!

    lets hope the snow levels remain above 20cm's... it would be amazing if we got 50cm's of snow to play in.

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    Really happy to see so much fell!!!

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    20cm of snow forecasr for friday the 26th

    Unfortunatly theres only about 8cm forecast for the days prior to that.... whats certain is there is plenty of percipitation forecast for the week commencing the 21st.... Lets just hope they have their dates wrong and we get the big dump at the beginning

    Baruch Hashem

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    -JC-, Don't worry about the snow so much! You posted on 13th, "30cm's of snow forecast for the week beginning the 21st!!!", but by today its "Unfortunatly theres only about 8cm forecast for the days prior to 26th"
    All this worry wont make it snow more, just makes you stress!

    Relax, have a few , then have some more - nothing you can do if it doesn't snow anyway!

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