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Tema: Kopaonik snow cover

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    i hope so. don't be've got another couple of weeks to get some good snow, i'm sure you'll be fine * it's just worrying when you sit at work staring at the webcam all day...

  2. #322


    I see that the snow depth is now upto 39cm.

    I hope the high temperatures forecast for next week dont materialise!

  3. #323


    I still think theres a strong chance it will snow around the time we arrive... theres a lot of activity in the GFS around the 21st... i don't think theres much chance of the snow level dropping below 20cm so I'm guessing we'll be playing in enough snow to satisfy my needs

    Next week looks pretty bleak though.

  4. #324


    Snow depth have dropped 4cm today.

  5. #325


    Gutted, would like it to stay around the 40cm mark but guess I'm just being greedy

    As long as there's enough for me to grace the slopes with my not so silky skills I will be happy.

    Got the kids large bumb board out the loft today and was tempted to go the stairs on it but the missus wouldn't have it incase I bust a leg!!

  6. #326


    Cafu earlier this week the forecasts were not good for your holiday... but things have changed theres a 50/50 chance of a decent snowfall while you're out there... the GFS looks good for mid-week.

    maybe we'll all get lucky

  7. #327


    Back at my desk and praying for snow lol

  8. #328


    If these long range forecasts come to light we could see upto 1 metre of snow fall on our holiday 21sters.... keep praying & dancing because its working

  9. #329


    Does the long range forecast cover 4th February? Thats when I'm out there and I greedy as I am, I would quite like there to be some snow around!

    Fingers crossed for snow for everyone going!

  10. #330


    The models tend to go no further 2/3 weeks into the future, so you'll have to wait a week or two.

    But looking that far into the future isn't reliable, anything over a week is highly likely to change... I base my 21st optimism on the storms traveling across Europe, pretty much every model has at some stage shown at least one of these storms crossing Serbia's border.

    The odds are in our favour.

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