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Tema: Kopaonik snow cover

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    hello just wounder how many ppl are going out on the 7th jan o and how much snow is there ??????? been looking at the snow reports but its always changing. what do u guys look at to find out


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    I normally look on:


    I think JC uses the MET Office pressure charts which show the projected movements of the pressure bands and precipitation which is quite helpful (yet sometimes depressing in the past ).

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    Cool! I can see people sledging on the live webcam

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    Podrazumevano is also great if you want a boost, they tend to be generous with their snow forecasts; which leaves a warm glow inside

    think we'll be left with a 25cm base by tomorrow afternoon, which will hopefully be topped up a few times over the next couple of weeks, don't see any signs of any large dumps for a while (but the charts are even more unpredictable than usual as weather is due a change mid january - so nothing is certain).

    However, I'd bet a glass of rakija that it'll snow just before the 21st... which is a stroke of luck for us 21sters.

    lets hope I'm right

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    I am going to kopaonik at 6th January !!! It must be enought snow !!! I will make some pictures !

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    20cm fell last night

    I love kop.

    what looked like a little snow shower on friday could now be 10cm of fresh pow.

    40cm base!!!!

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    w000t come on Kop get to 50 cm!!

    It looks bit better there right now xD

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    Citirati Originalno postavljeno od SnowPloughPrincess Pogledati poruku
    w000t come on Kop get to 50 cm!!

    It looks bit better there right now xD
    the 10th/11th looks like we could see more even more snow

    I was hoping for 20cm's of snow for the 21st, now I'm praying for 100.

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    Does anyone know where they are taking this measurement from? Is it like at the top or bottom of the slope?

    Or is it a case of someone just sticking a ruler outside their front door and seeing what they get xD

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    Its looking good this morning!

    Although i cant exactly see much! The live webcam isnt working for me. And i cant see much on the static one. (hopefully because of a snow storm rather than fog this time!)

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