Dobro vece everybody.

Since my knowledge in serbian language is kinda of rusty, i would really appreciate if you could give me some infos about Kopaonik.We're a small group of crazy snow-lovers greeks that they want to visit your resorts for snowboard/skiing this season.
Here're the questions :

1) Which is the price for daily ski pass for season 2005-2006?Any discounts for more days?(eg 3,4,5,week?)
2) Hiring ski/snowboard equipment : Average cost day?Are available some extra discount for hiring equipment for eg a week?
3) Which is the official date announced by the ski center for the openning of season 2005-2006?
4) Since we're going to kopaonik using train from Solun, according to your opinnion,which is the best way of reaching kopaonik?Should we get off the train at Nis,and take the bus from there?Any other alternative solutions?(eg from Leskovac?)
5) Any available and reliable sites about snow forecast for Kopaonik?I tried to retrieve some infos from international ones, but i think that they're not reliable.

Suggestion - encouragement to the moderators/admins of this forum : Try to post several info's about SCG's ski resorts in english in order to inform foreign people to collect useful informations about your country and its ski resorts.I know that maybe it's extra duty for some of you, but i believe that it worths!

Hvala for any kind of informations that they will be provided(preferable in english or greek ).Or you could just provide me some links (concerning the cost part about ski pass or equipment.I believe that i could understand,more or less..)

Best regards from still sunny Athens,



Personal review of the mountain, conditions,prices and all answers to my questions in english can be found here