Pogledati punu verziju : Cost of trips

25.02.2008, 19:05
Hello everyone

not long to go now 1 week 4 days and all that :)

Was just wondering whats the cost of skidooing and the horse sleigh thing? and is there anything else that is on offer to do?

Is the night skiing and skating expensive or does our lift pass cover it?

thanks :ski:

25.02.2008, 23:39
Hi Surfer Chicky - the ski-dooing costs 70 Euros per skidoo, 2 people fit on a skidoo. (it was E60 last year!) It's an excellent experience, well worth it, lasts around 1 hour. If you don't fancy driving one (I didn't!), you can go as a passenger behind the guide on either the front or the back, for half the price.

Can recommend the quiz night too, a great laugh.

Don't know about the horse sleigh rides, you arrange them locally, didn't see many of them this year.

I believe that the night skiing is 800 dinars per night, from 7pm - 1opm - the 'ski info' tab on the website has a 'ski pass' section that lists all of the prices. If you're going with Thomson or Crystal I don't think your lift pass would include this.

Ice skating is run by another company so not connected to your lift pass, don't know prices, again the website may list them somewhere.

Hopefully you'll have a great time! We've been back just over 1 week, having visited last year and really enjoyed it, and are considering going back there again next year - although the current situation with Kosovo and the rioting etc in Belgrade & trouble in other places around the country is currently a bit worrying...

If you've got any other questions, don't hesitate to ask either on this forum or you can send me a private message via my user ID.

26.02.2008, 10:42
thanks for the info. If I can think of anything else I will ask you thanks :)

Im hoping the situation over there doesnt get worse! Im glad were landing in Nis and not Belgrade like the other english holiday company that go there!!!

26.02.2008, 11:33
The quiz night is 570 dinar per person, but such a great laugh and you get a 'free' drink.