Pogledati punu verziju : Currency

14.02.2008, 13:39
Please could someone let me know what currency is used in Kop? I have heard we can spend American Dollars?



14.02.2008, 14:54
Dinars is the local currency, although the reps will take Euros also.

You can get your currency changed at Nis airport.

16.02.2008, 18:25
The best thing is to just withdraw money at the cashpoints. There's 1 in the Hotel Grand, 1 in the Konaci reception and another one in between the shops.

They're really easy to use, and give you the option for all information in English.

18.02.2008, 14:33
If we are going to take money to have changed - what is best to take, Dollars, Euros or sterling? I have heard that there is an money exchange in the grand as well is this right?

18.02.2008, 14:40
Money exchange in both the Grand and Konaci apts receptions. Take whatever you have!
There is also a change machine at Nis airport - didn't use it personally - but it takes notes and gives dinar!

29.02.2008, 08:31
can you take £ to change or does it have to be euros?

29.02.2008, 09:57
Just take £, thats all I did. I got mine changed to dinars at Nis airport. The rate at the end of January was 108 dinar to the pound.