Pogledati punu verziju : I'm Back!

04.02.2008, 12:15
I had a great time! The day after we got there it snowed all night and all of the next day, so there was lots of fresh powder to go around!

We went of piste some of the time, and created some first lines in the snow, great fun! :) We even went to the small park area and played on the boxes and rails on our snowboards (did you see us on the webcam?!).

The weather was great, the first few days were very cold with a biting wind, but after that it was perfect sun all the time :)

The Quiz night organised by Crystal/Thomson was a great laugh, even though only 3 teams played.

All in all, our whole group had a great time! I would like to go somewhere else next year though, only because I have been to Kopaonik 3 times in a row now!

07.02.2008, 17:31
Only 4 weeks 2 days togo :)

Do you have your welcome meeting in the evening when you get there. I imagine you wouldnt get there much before 10pm their time? Its going to be a long night when we get there.......

07.02.2008, 19:22
The welcome meeting is the following night (Sunday).

If you are renting ski/snowboard equipment then you can pick it up on the Sunday morning.

I can't remember what time we arrived at the resort now :s

08.02.2008, 14:29
Thats a pain the lessons start at 9am on the sunday dont they!! thats a lot of stuff to do in the morning! (well it doesnt bother me as im not having lessons or hiring stuff) but a load in my party are.
I guess they hand out lift pass/lessons/equip hire vouchers on the coach??

Just been looking on the webcam and the resort snow level has gone up 20cm's over night :) :)

1 month today and I will be at the airport!!

I guess the lessons are not really that busy as there are not many holiday companies out there? unlike other resorts.

08.02.2008, 22:37
Yep, you will get all your vouchers on the coach.

I don't know how busy the lessons will be as no-one in our party had lessons, but the hired equipment can be picked up before 9am.

08.02.2008, 23:08
Hey Surfer Chicky,

Don't worry too much about the queues for the ski gear, it is well run and very efficient. The gear is really good too, they seemed well organaised when we went, a few guys at the front were looking at the height and weight of people in the queue, yelling to the young lads at the back and by the time you were at the front your stuff was there with only the boots to sort out.

The Thomson people gave us some real duff directions, the hire shop is in the far corner of the Konaci courtyard and is down the stairs. The ski school meet near the back of the Grand, not the Konaki square as we were told.

It may be better organised this year but last year Thomson were pretty ammaturish.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a great time.:ski: