Pogledati punu verziju : Kosovo impending Independence

25.01.2008, 14:01
I really feel sorry for the Serbs as this business with Kosovo likely to gain independence. The Serbs are such nice people and I know this will hurt them really badly due to their history. I just hope that this doesn't cause any more conflict as Serbia is such a beautiful place with great people that I'd hate to see tour operators stop going there. I hope to return in March and expect to have just as good a time as I did last year

26.01.2008, 14:23
I'd actually been wondering whether this had anything to do with bookings being down this year? I suppose the potential for it all to kick off might have put people off.

Other than that I echo you sentiments 100%. Serbia is such a great place, I'm hoping to go back next year. Just need to persuade the wife to forget France/Italy and come back here!

27.01.2008, 16:58
I've finally booked for March 1st, flights were a real problem but there seems to be plenty of accommodation. I wish someone could sort this out - I nearly had to go to Bulgaria - eeeek

27.01.2008, 22:28
Bulgaria not ALL bad - they at least having some decent dumps of snow this year!

22.02.2008, 12:20
Can 150,00 people all be wrong? I think the world underestimated the Serb feelings on Kosovan independence They feel their historical heartland has ben stolen and I'm inclined to agree with them