Pogledati punu verziju : Current conditions

18.11.2007, 21:33
Anybody going out there for the start of the season all I can say is.........you lucky lucky people.

Last year I checked this site habitually (along with a few others - NSIS, JC......) worrying whether there was going to be enough snow!

If this early fall is anything to go by you will be in for a treat, the resort is great and even with last years poor fall you couldn't fault the skiing. I'm not going back this year but I will defo be visiting again (soon I hope).

Enjoy all that Kop has to offer, you won't be disappointed :ski:

03.01.2008, 13:53
Snow God definitely been smiling on Kop this week - looking good for us all!

16.01.2008, 10:18
The snow is disappearing :( Down to 40cm of snow now and none forecast in the next 10 days :(

16.01.2008, 17:45
I know, it's a bit worrying isn't it?

Did you know that you can look up historical snow depths on the website via the attached link; http://www.eng.infokop.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=76&Itemid=291

This day last year it had dwindled to only 24cm, so at least it's not that bad! It had risen to between 50cm & 60cm by mid Feb last year when we went.

Fingers crossed for some more snow!

17.01.2008, 12:46
Historical info doesn't ease my worries, lol! This will be my 3rd visit to Kop at the same time each year!

I just hope there will be more snow for when we go in 9 days time!

20.01.2008, 22:38
Snow Dance needed!!

20.01.2008, 23:50
Yes, there was a lot of 'snow dancing' going on last year, and it definately looks like it's needed now.... Problem is it's just so mild in Kop at present, so the snow is melting and dwindling day by day - down to 36cm now - by the time we arrive in 3 weeks' time it may be all gone!!! Anyone know if any snow is forecast in the near future?

21.01.2008, 11:25
Hi guys
Just looked on snow-forecast.com and there is about 10cms due tomorrow night and snow later on in the week as well.

I just hope there is still some there in March 8th for me :)

23.01.2008, 10:21
Good news for you guys off to Kop soon.

Its snowing!!! 10cm overnight and the temperature is down to -9

Strange that a decent dump has come a year to the day (The wednesday morning anyway) as it did last year when we were in dire need of snow.



23.01.2008, 11:13

I'm going on Saturday :D

23.01.2008, 14:05
See ya on the slopes, Munchio!

23.01.2008, 17:01
I think you are going a week after me PatMan!

23.01.2008, 20:51
I think you are right, Munchio - just getting a bit too excited here!!

23.01.2008, 22:22
I think that we're going a week after you, PatMan - Saturday 9th. Tickets came in the post today! Anyone else browsing this forum going on 9th Feb?

Glad to see that there's been a snowfall yesterday, back up to a more respectable 45cm, and temperatures pleasingly colder, hopefully that will halt the thaw that I would imagine that there's been recently.
Not long to go now!!

24.01.2008, 13:41
Helen - thinks its just yaself, Munchio and me this year!
And we are all going in consecutive weeks... Don't worry, we will leave some snow for ya!!

25.01.2008, 12:44
I'm thinking about going out the first week in March with family, so hope there's a dump before then, still can't be as bad as last year They had a huge dump near the end of march last year after all the tour ops had stopped selling

28.01.2008, 13:45
Woohoo - snow, drop in temp - excellent stuff...
Shame about the fog and gales closing all but four runs today tho...

30.01.2008, 13:40
More snow predicted tomorrow!
Looks like its gonna be good for the later skiers - but still great for w/c Sat 2nd!