Pogledati punu verziju : Current conditions

06.03.2007, 00:04
A party of us are flying out on Sunday, can anyone who returned yesterday give us an idea of the snow conditions in Kop?
4 more days at work, hoorah!

06.03.2007, 15:36
ITS SO WARM!!! All the snow is going to melt!!! there will be nothing left by the time we go!!!!:sm008: :sm008: :glavaozid :glavaozid

06.03.2007, 18:03
There will still be enough snow, but its going to be icy in the mornings and then soft in the afternoon, it'll be just like boarding in Scotland! I hope at least we get sunny days if we can't get a huge dump of snow

06.03.2007, 22:52
Hmmm well looking at the forcast it looks like there might possibly be some snow on the sunday when we get there and the monday as well!! so fingers crossed we will be blessed with snow!

But im with you, if we cant have snow then some glorious sunny days with lovely blue skies, crisp mountain air with a hint of pine! and off course a glass or two of something to warm the blood! :cug::cug::sm004:

07.03.2007, 14:55
Obviously I've been monitoring the conditions on piste and it seems the pisteurs are doing a great job to keep the snow on the runs given the temperatures. As a reward for their hard work I think they deserve a huge dump of snow! (honest, I'm not being selfish here!:sm004:

07.03.2007, 22:40
There is 0.7cm of snow forecast for tomorrow morning, I'm just hoping that they mean 0.7m!!
2 more days at work!

09.03.2007, 12:08
BOOOO!! the weather forcast says snow but there is none!! please snow!! just one last dump before Monday! Please!!!

And why has the web cam been stuck since the middle of the week! Is the kop caught in a time warp??

Or do they just not want to show us how little snow cover there is?

PLEASE GIVE US SNOW!! :sm017: :sm017: :sm017: :sm017: :sm017:

10.03.2007, 00:08
dont worry there will be enough on piste, see you all on sunday! Lets have a game of trying to figure out whos who at the airport - just to pass the time!

10.03.2007, 00:10
I'd have thought you'd have set off for Gatwick by now!

10.03.2007, 10:18
My GF and I are travelling up this evening and staying over night at gatwick. No way im getting up at 2am and driving to gatwick again after the last time i did it!

And how to spot me? hmmmm well i will be the one dashing about like a blue arsed fly at the airport trying to buy all the things i have forgotten to pack!!

The Blue Iguana ski jacket might give it away as well! :ok:

10.03.2007, 14:03
I'll be the one in the red Columbia jacket, don't see many of those do you!

Anyone know of any good walks in Kop? Lol!

23.03.2007, 21:52
Who would have thought it!!!

The last couple of weeks of March and they have the best conditions of the season.


Might have to look out for a last minutes cheap deal!!!

24.03.2007, 10:27
over a meter of snow there now!! Just a couple of weeks to late for me! :glavaozid:glavaozid:glavaozid

I still had a great time at Kop and would definately go back there for another holiday! I reckon that I might try the end of feb this time mind you :)

I think the snow conditions this year have been poor everywhere, lets just hope this is a blip and that next year is a return to better times!

24.03.2007, 23:30
Aaaarggghhh. gutted as well but I have to agree with you OSE, a really nice place and certainly well worth another visit with better conditions. Just a pity that I'd used all my hooidays or I'd have tried to get back out this year. It would have been cheaper as out of season (wry smile)

25.03.2007, 01:41
I wish we had more snow, but still we had such a great holiday! Hotel was nice, great food, excellent ski instructor Andreja. And of course, will go back next year.