Pogledati punu verziju : Konaci apartmenta

21.01.2007, 21:19
Hi, me and a couple of friends are heading to Kop next weekend and we're staying at Konaci apartments, has anyone been there? are towels provided in self catering rooms?

22.01.2007, 13:23
AFAIK - towels are provided! The apartments seem very central, if basic - but really all ye will be doing is sleeping there so its not a huge problem!


22.01.2007, 14:07
I went last year and towels were provided. The rooms are basic, but I only use them for sleeping so I don't care. It still had a tv (watch the 'Kop TV' channel which shows footage from around the resort, you may see yourself!), warm, and was ensuite.

Its well located in the centre of the resort.

22.01.2007, 14:45
Thanks that's great, all we need is somewhere to sleep so basic is fine, particularly as we're s/c so will be eating out.

22.01.2007, 15:02
PatMan is going H/B in a self-catering room... best of both worlds! Cant be done with trying to make my own breakfast - esp if its been a late night (hoping for a good few of those!)


22.01.2007, 15:04
I'm s/c this year at Konaci (going on 4th Feb). The rooms also have a Kitchenette with a small hob and a fridge. I can't remember if there was an oven or grill though.

22.01.2007, 16:21
I think you made a good decision leaving it that late with the snow conditions being so bad!
It might start to get busier as its closer to half term, but as long as theres a good dump of the white stuff, there should be plenty of room


28.02.2008, 14:47
Does anyone know how to contact the Konaci apartments????

28.02.2008, 15:07
Hi Matty - the Konaci apartments & the Grand Hotel are both state owned by a company called Genex (at least until the end of March when tenders are due in for sale of these to private companies).

Genex has a website, see attached link http://www.genex.co.yu/eng/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=51&Itemid=87

which gives a postal address in Belgrade and also an email address which I'd suggest that you contact them on.

Doesn't look like there is anything as sophisticated as an online booking system!

If you've got any more questions, let me know and I'll do what I can to answer them. We stayed at the Konaci last year, this year we were in the Grand.


28.02.2008, 15:17

Your a star, you may be able to help me in that case?

Just wanted to know in the self catering apartments if they supply any sort of Help Basket which would contain washing up liquid etc as some self catering places do?

And also if they supplied towels in the rooms?



28.02.2008, 19:27

There is no help basket. So no washing up liquid, no washing up sponge, no tea towel for drying washing up!

Although after leaving our washing up piled high for a few days we got left a tea towel by the cleaners!

You can by washing up liquid at the supermarket though, or take a small amount of your own from home!

Oh, and if doing your own cooking, the tins of meat are expensive (imported I guess) so we took our own tins of meatballs/tuna/ham etc :)

28.02.2008, 20:03
Cheers for that, Very helpful.