Pogledati punu verziju : The Feb 4th Club!

14.01.2007, 22:08
To copy another thread... Anyone going out to Kop on the 4th February?

I'm snowboarding with 3 other friends, 2 of them have never snowboarded! :)

24.01.2007, 01:38
My mate and I are going out to Kop as well on the 4th staying at the Konaci... skiing not boarding cos we're both crap at boarding :) would be cool to meet up!

26.01.2007, 14:26

We're going on Feb 4th staying in the Konaci. Husband (Peter) and Son (Jonathon aged 11) will be skiing for the first time. I will be spending my days catching up with my reading, enjoying some spa treatments and generally eating and drinking whilst they're throwing themselves down a mountain!!!

Looking forward to meeting you.


27.01.2007, 04:56
Hi to all the Feb 4th crew!

Am sure the 21st Jan lot will busy posting on here before you go, giving you lots of useful info...

I am sure that all of us going out on Sunday 28th will do our best to leave you some white stuff!


28.01.2007, 16:42
We're going on 4th Feb and staying at Konaci too. I'm learning to ski while my boyfriend is learning to snowboard.

See you all there!

30.01.2007, 21:45
Cool look forward to seeing you there - anyone else going on the 4th?

12.02.2007, 18:55
Well we all made it home safely then!!!

What an excellent time, we were all shattered once we got home last night. Didn't help that teenage daughter had had a party while we were away and the police were called!!!! Fortunately my parents only live around the corner and came to sort it all out.

Anyway back to our holiday.

The snow was amazing I couldn't believe how much snow we had.

If anyone is going out next week and you're staying in Konaci take your ear plugs the noise from the clubs in unbearable. Fortunately our son was asleep before it started each night and slept through most of it.

Peter and Jonathon's ski instructors were amazing and if anyone gets Katarina or Ivana say hi from us.

I still can't believe that the boys managed to ski not only down 7 but 3, 8, 10 and 12.

Buttercup it was a pleasure to meet both of you sorry we didn't get to say bye at Gatwick.

We're going back next year and have already requested the brochure, although will be staying at the Grand or Club A next time.


13.02.2007, 11:25
The holiday was great, it was just a shame about the 4 days of fog :(

I too stayed in Konaci, but it was very quiet at night (we were in Zvecan).